Accurate, Verifiable Survey Data Minus the Hassle AND Expense

SITECH South offers the most reliable, fully integrated system for collecting highly accurate drone data on your worksite, without the hassles and complications of traditional surveying workflows

Using DJI’s new high-precision Phantom 4 RTK drone, your drone will be equipped with a GPS unit that delivers verified 1⁄10ft (3cm) accuracy with the reliability of post-processed data

Forget complex surveying equipment and prevent human error with an AeroPoint. A rugged, lightweight ground verification point with one-button operation. Just lay one out near your takeoff point, and they’ll do their job.

How will the DJI Phantom 4 (PPK or RTK) solution work for me?








CONTACT US To learn more about how DJI PPK or RTK and AeroPoints work together to provide your new survey-grade work tool download our in-depth guide.

We will explain the what the DJI PPK is, how it works, and how a our UAS solutions solution can improve:

  • Surveying on a site without any drone technology
  • Measurement and management on a site using a drone and traditional ground control
  • Drone surveying workflows on sites using AeroPoint