Track Your Investments Wherever They May Roam…

Trimble Fleet Management provides businesses that manage fleets with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. On-demand information, activity reports and exception alerts enable intelligent business decisions to be made quickly in order to run the most efficient fleet possible.

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  • Live Map – View the real-time status and locations of your vehicles and field technicians
  • Real-time Alerts – Exception alerting for speeding, idle time, landmark entry/exit, stop count and duration, distance driven and off-hours use
  • Vehicle Diagnostics – Offers real-time and retrospective reporting on fuel, carbon, odometer and fault codes
  • Configurable Reporting – On demand or scheduled
  • Vehicle Maintenance – Scheduled notifications for vehicle maintenance
  • FSM Connect – Data integration to other existing business solutions
  • FieldMaster mobile app capabilities


  • Receive complete visibility of your entire fleet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a desktop or mobile device
  • Increase fleet productivity using real-time location intelligence
  • Decrease fuel costs by reducing unauthorized vehicle use, curbing excessive speeding and lowering idling
  • Manage maintenance schedules which reduce vehicle wear and tear, lowering the risk of mechanical failure
  • Identify activity that causes excessive carbon emissions such as speeding, excessive idling and route deviation
  • Improve fuel economy and reduce repair costs through proactive engine monitoring and maintenance



Whether you manage an enterprise fleet, a small number of vehicles or even contractor work forces, SITECH SOUTH offers a range of flexible packages to suit you. CONTACT US!



SNM451 Connected Site Gateway

The rugged SNM451 will give you all the location, run time and utilization information you need to allocate and remotely monitor the productivity of your light assets, site trucks and haul vehicles at an affordable price point.

SNM941 Connected Site Gateway

The SNM941 is like a dedicated hotline sending and receiving vital information from the field – design updates, GNSS corrections, production information, and even tech support.